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Clean your home or give the office a bit of a blitz and you eliminate bad smells whilst producing nice fragrances, you also get rid of bugs and bacteria at the same time. Use cleaning agents and they each have their own distinctive scent, whether you are working hard with a can of polish, or mopping the floor with a specialist type of cleanser, your nose will sense this, and should appreciate the fragrance.

The nose is a wonderful tool for detecting a variety of different scents. Put it to the test the next you clean domestic or commercial areas and whilst doing so, consider these fun smell-related facts.    

  1. Your nose is amazing and thanks to your sense of smell your brain can process an average of 10,000 different scents. Whilst it’s unlikely you’ll use that amount of cleaning products, you’ll almost certainly be able to distinguish between a bucket filled with bleach and water, and a bottle of pine-fresh liquid detergent.
  2. Sorry guys but a woman’s sense of smell is much stronger than yours. This could be good or bad depending on how you look at it. If you’re a guy and it’s your turn to clean the house, don’t try and kid your partner into believing you have carried out your duties if you haven’t. Not only will she spot the evidence, your girlfriend or wife will be able to smell you are lying too.
  3. Your sense of smell improves as the day evolves. It’s at its weakest in the morning but gradually increases throughout the day, so the later it gets, the more chance you have of detecting odours. Maybe leave the cleaning until after lunch.
  4. According to experts, around 80% of the items we eat are made legible by our sense of smell. This makes sense. Have you noticed how your sense of taste dramatically reduces when you have a blocked nose, a cold or the flu?
  5. Scent is back to front compared to your other senses. When you see things or hear things you receive the information first then have an emotional reaction. It’s different with smells. Your nose reacts to them first, before it recognises the scent. Step into a room that has just been cleaned and you’ll smell something pleasant then figure out what this is afterwards.

Hope you liked these sense of smell cleaning facts. See how you react to them the next time you carry out cleaning at work or at home.