Complete Garden Maintenance with all the Trimmings The exterior of any property makes the first impression on visitors. A tidy, well-maintained environment is paramount. Should the surrounding landscape of your property have been neglected, SCS Cleaning Services can help. Garden Maintenance After We provide a comprehensive garden maintenance service that is simply a cut above the rest. Whether you require a dedicated service to manage your home, communal, or commercial garden areas we can provide you with an unrivalled service. We provide a wealth of services to effectively transform and maintain garden environments. Employing a team of committed and experienced professionals, we work tirelessly to leave your garden full of life, well-kempt, and tidy.

  Our General Gardening Services

  • Collection and disposal of refuse and general litter from landscaped and garden environments
  • Disposal of seasonal foliage from grassy areas, pathways and beds
  • Regular inspection of tree and shrubbery and removal of damaged branches where necessary

In addition to our general gardening services, we offer a number of additional services, tailored to your personal requirements.

Our Tailored Gardening Services

  • Seasonal lawn cuts (at least 16 at regular intervals) throughout the spring and summer months, including the removal of grass cuttings from the lawn.Commercial Garden Maintenance
  • Application of weed killer to rid the grass of unfavourable aspects. All edges, tree pockets, shrub beds, as well as the environment as a whole will be trimmed and expertly maintained. We also prune all shrubs as appropriate for the time of year and plant species.

Environmental Maintenance Services

We are a comprehensive garden cleaning and maintenance company. We don’t merely manage the aesthetic appearance of your garden, but the surrounding area too. We’re happy to maintain non-adopted hard surfaces and car parks and we promise to visit you at least once a month throughout the winter to complete necessary winter maintenance. Should you desire the foremost commercial, communal or domestic gardening services in Edinburgh, you need only contact us today on: 01875 820 080.