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At SCS Cleaning Services we understand how tough it can be to clean up after your pets. Accidents happen and fur gets everywhere but with these few simple tips you can keep on top of it and make the most of your time with your beloved pet. Our specialist cleaners offer services for offices, vets, medical centres and schools.



Pet Hair

There are many different ways to get rid of pet hair to keep your home looking tidy; it just depends on the surface. Obviously a vacuum cleaner is a good place to start but sometimes it can be troublesome, particularly if your pet moults thick hair. Using a squeegee to scrape your carpet can gather hair into a clump which can then be picked up by hand and disposed of.


If you are forever covered in pet hair yourself, always keep a few lint rollers about the house and even in your car. Their sticky surface makes cleaning clothes and fabrics quick and easy. A lightly damp latex glove will also work in the same way for plastic surfaces and furniture.


Little Accidents

No matter how trained your pet is they are likely to have a little accident at some point around the home. Be especially vigilant if your pet is ill as they are more likely to fall out of their training habits. Urine stains can be easily removed but smells can linger.


Try to treat the stain as soon as it happens for best results. Place kitchen roll over it to retrieve any excess fluid before covering the stain with baking soda. Rub a small amount of hydrogen peroxide into the baking soda and pour white vinegar over the mixture. This can then be vacuumed.



Light Odours

For lighter pet odours, particularly those on your sofa or soft furnishings, you don’t have to resort to expensive professional cleaning to remove them. Sprinkle talcum powder over the area and leave for a couple of minutes before vacuuming off.

You should try testing an area first before doing this to a whole furnishing. Keeping your home scented with natural fragrances too, such as fresh flowers or herbs, can be a great alternative to masking odours with commercial deodoriser products.




Be Vigilant

Perhaps the most important cleaning method when it comes to looking after your pet is being vigilant and staying on top of stains and mess. Regularly cleaning up fur will save a lot more time than trying to clean up a bigger mess.

If there is a particular spot your pet likes to sit in or a piece of furniture they love to go to, place a blanket, rug or pet-bed there for them. These can be cleaned individually when needed. Keep an eye on hiding places they might like such as under tables or behind furniture. You don’t want a nasty surprise when you do a thorough blitz of the house!


For more tips on keeping your home clean and tidy when you have pets just get in touch with us today. If your business requires cleaning up after mucky pups and messy kittens, we can help. At SCS Cleaning Services our specialists in Edinburgh have experience in working with animal-based businesses.