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Getting your home in order doesn’t need to be expensive. If you open up your kitchen and bathroom cupboards you will probably find a variety of DIY cleaning products right in front of you. Here at SCS Cleaning Services we pride ourselves on our high-quality office cleaning services. Find out our top tips to keep your home looking clean and shiny.


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Multi-Purpose Spray

Cleaning non-wood work surfaces and shelves is simple without using a spray or detergent. Mix together a solution of water, rubbing alcohol, clear household ammonia, mild dishwashing liquid, and lemon juice. It will leave your home looking and smelling fresh!


Add Shine To Silver

If you’ve been neglecting your silverware, one of the easiest tricks of the trade only requires aluminium foil and baking soda. Don’t spend money on a silver polish when you can create your own. Add baking soda to boiling water then carefully pour the solution into a foil pan or tray. Leave your silverware to soak and wait to see the shine!


Herbal Carpet Cleaner

To truly freshen up carpets where commercial air and carpet deodorisers fail, just use lavender and baking soda. Crush the lavender flowers in a large bowl before adding baking soda and mixing. Sprinkle the mixture across your carpets and wait thirty minutes before vacuuming. If you are not keen on the smell of lavender, why not try sage or rosemary.


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Bathroom Blitzing

All you need to make a great bathtub cleaner is grapefruit and salt. To get rid of those tricky stains or stubborn rust just use half a grapefruit with a layer of coarse salt sprinkled on top. Wet your bathtub and apply a bit of salt directly to it before scrubbing at it with the grapefruit. You’ll be surprised at the results and can enjoy the citrusy aroma!


Grease Stain Remover

Getting greasy fingerprints or spots on clothing and table linen can be frustrating. It doesn’t have to ruin your favourite fabric though if you use chalk. Rub the grease spot with chalk and let it absorb the oil before brushing it off. Make sure all stains are thoroughly removed before laundering. For any tougher stains, mark them heavily with chalk.


These tips are great for around the home but if your office could do with a professional clean, get in touch with us here at SCS Cleaning Services. From expert carpet cleaning to window washing, commercial bin cleaning and rubbish removal, we can offer whatever your business needs.