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We’re used to cleaning at SCS and we really enjoy what we do. Cleaning isn’t fun for everyone though, especially if you are tackling a weekly clean after a long, hard week at work. So we’ve thought of a few ways to make cleaning more exciting, try our tips and have a laugh as you clean your home!

  • Play a little music: Grab your favourite CD and play that in the background when you are cleaning the house. Make sure the neighbours are out and play it nice and loud as you vacuum the carpets and clean dusty surfaces. Listen to a radio station or hit shuffle on your MP3. Sing along as you spring clean and you’ll wonder where the time goes when you dust and polish the home.
  • Watch the telly: Most homes have multiple televisions these days so you could switch on the TV in every room and keep track of what’s happen on ‘Loose Women’ or watch ‘Homes under the Hammer’ as you give the house a clean. It’ll take your mind off the cleaning and you won’t have to miss your favourite programmes either.
  • Pop a DVD in the player: If you really want to give the lounge a deep-clean why not stick a film on in the background. This could be a film you have recorded in your planner or a BluRay or DVD instead. Watch the dust disappear as you see Bond battle with the baddies or play something slushy and have a good weep as your wipe smear marks off your mirrors.
  • Get the kids involved: Why tackle the cleaning on your own? Set a competition with the kids to see who can clean areas of the home the fastest. If they finish their task before you do give them a prize, just make sure the standard of their cleaning is up scratch!
  • Learn a new language! Teach yourself a new language as you clean the house. If you’ve always wanted to speak Spanish or love the sound of Italian, buy a self-teach CD, stick it in a player and wear a set of headphones as you walk around the house. You can say ‘arrvederci’ to dust or ‘adios’ to grime and learn a new language at the same time.