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When was the last time you heard somebody say cleaning is good for you? More than likely you’ll never hear this, who in their right mind would want to clean, and why on earth would anyone think this action was good for them?

Cleaning is a chore, it’s something you do under duress, the only reason you clean is to keep your home or business hygienic, and you try to avoid this action at all costs, or hire somebody to contract clean for you.

Strangely, research shows that cleaning can actually be good for you, in particular, it reduces stress levels and for people that live a hectic life, a spot of dusting might not actually be that bad.

To prove this point, we examine ways in which cleaning helps to lower stress… here’s our take on things.

Cleaning is Relaxing  

Bear with us here because you probably think cleaning is anything but relaxing. Think about the actions you perform when you clean though, the way you glide a duster over surfaces, rhythmically move a vacuum backwards and forwards, feather dust hard-to-reach areas with a gentle motion, and treat kitchen worktops to a soothing once-over, using antibacterial cloths.

Without realising it, you are more relaxed when you clean, and from a stress perspective, this can only be good news.

Cleaning De-clutters

If you are normally tidy but your home has been overtaken with clutter recently, this can send stress levels into orbit. Clutter takes on many guises. It can involve discarded newspapers, overflowing laundry baskets, dirty dishes in sinks, clothes, toys, or miscellaneous muddle left on floors, in various parts of your home.

Clean and it gives you a great opportunity to cut back on clutter, this should lower your stress levels and help you feel more relaxed. Plus, the less clutter you have in the home, the easier it is to clean, which is less stressful as well.

Cleaning is Physical

Go around your home cleaning various areas of your property and unbeknown to you, this is actually a really good workout.

Clear clutter, move from one room to the next, go up and down stairs, mop floors and scrub surfaces and this works various parts of your body. You burn calories and release natural endorphins during a top-to-bottom house clean, this is a physical exertion, but it actually makes you feel better within yourself so it’s a great stress-buster.

Whether you are dusting at home, carrying out commercial cleaning within an office environment or providing expert carpet cleaning, all of these activities are good for stress relief.

If the thought of cleaning is stressing you out, take positive steps to rectify this issue, contact us here at SCS for a one-stop sparkling service.