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Try as we may to keep our homes clean and tidy, there are always little jobs we forget to do. Despite sticking to our weekly, monthly and quarterly cleaning routines, some tasks always get left out.

Cleaning under the washing machine and/or tumble dryer

The shock of seeing the floor under your washer or dryer when replacing them is a reality to many people. By neglecting this area of your floor space, you will eventually be confronted with a horrible mass of dust, lint and possibly all those missing socks. Depending on how often you use your laundry appliances, you will only need to clean the area two or three times a year, unless you suffer an obvious spill or leak. Have someone else help you to safely move your laundry appliances and replace them to make sure you don’t damage the floor.

Under and on top of the fridge

The fridge is an item we always remember to clean out, due to the regularity we use it, quickly noticing any bad smells or spills, but what about on top of and underneath the fridge? The top of your fridge easily accumulates dust, and behind and underneath your fridge is home to the same dust and food residue found on the rest of your kitchen floor. Simply wipe the top of your fridge and move it out every three months or so to clean underneath it. When moving it out of the way, ask for some help to make sure you’re not at risk.

Skirting boards and dado rails

Skirting boards and dado rails add a decorative finish to your home, but when was the last time you inspected them? Skirting boards and dado rails accumulate dirt and dust in a way that’s easily overlooked. Over a long enough amount of time, this can actually damage and discolour the paint or finish of them. By dusting them just a few times a year, you’ll see a significant improvement.

Inside your dishwasher

Because dishwashers clean dishes, you would be forgiven for thinking that your dishwasher is clean, but this isn’t the case. Cleaning your dishwasher is extremely simple, as long as there’s no possibility of broken glass inside it. Simply add ½ a cup of baking soda and three tablespoons of coarse salt before running the dishwasher empty on a high temperature. You can also buy commercial dishwasher cleaning products.

Sofas and arm chairs

Most people will lose things down the sofa from time to time, but have you ever been a bit disgusted when lifting the cushions of yours? By simply vacuuming down there every months or so, you will vastly improve the standards of your cleaning routine. This is a really simple, quick and easy task, but it often gets overlooked.