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Blocked drains are a nuisance. They prevent wastewater from running away, create flooding, and can lead to nasty smells and general household disruptions. You’ll know when you have trouble with drains. Do you know what causes this problem though? There are a number of reasons why this problem occurs, it could be attributed to one or all of these factors.


Clogged pipes are one of the biggest causes of drainage problems. This is usually due to foreign objects that are trapped within the drain. Examples of this include clumps of hair mixed with old shards of soap stuck and trapped in bathroom drains. It might be due to greasy fats and oily deposits poured down kitchen drains, mixed with food waste scraped from plates.  Regular drain care helps to prevent this problem.

Heavy storms

Flash flooding is sometimes caused by heavy rainfall.  Leaves and other debris are collected during heavy rain storms, they quickly fill drains and create a blockage, leaving water with nowhere to go.  This is quite common after heavy showers and drains that aren’t designed to cope with large amounts of water can struggle to cope afterwards.




Damage to pipes

Broken and damaged pipes are another reason why drains fail to work. This can be caused by ground movement, work in the local area, or tree roots spreading and damaging drainage pipes. If the drain is damaged it can fill with debris and at this stage it’ll fail to clear wastewater away. A visual inspection with a CCTV camera will verify if the drain is damaged, and suitable repairs can then take place.

Poor workmanship

Bad workmanship is another reason for drain blockages. The wrong sized pipes might be installed or there could be a lack of drop for pipes, preventing gravity taking its natural cause. Mostly this is due to poor DIY plumbing, when professionally installed, problems shouldn’t exist.

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