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When you have children your home is likely to become a bit chaotic from time to time. With all of the toys spilling across the house it can be hard to keep things organised. At SCS Cleaning Services we have a few easy solutions for storing your children’s toys. A tidy home is a happier home and you can better enjoy the time spent with your children.



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Sort through all the toys

The perfect time to have a toy sort out is just after birthdays and Christmas. When new toys arrive, your child may lose interest in some of their older toys. Make sure you sit down with your child and decide together what to keep and what not to. Identify the loved and much used toys for keeping. Getting rid of toys without talking things through though could result in unnecessary stress or upset.


Keep similar things together

One of the easiest organisation solutions is to keep similar things together. For example store all of your child’s cars, dolls, teddy bears and board games together in separate containers. Be creative with storage solutions if you do not have a proper storage system. Shoe boxes, gift boxes and tins are all good storage options for smaller items, without spending extra money. An open top basket or laundry basket is good for storing dolls and stuffed animals.


Add labels to everything

Giving your child some independence will help them to mature and learn things by themselves. Labelling your storage systems makes it easier and quicker for specific toys to be found, allowing your child to find them without your help. This is also a good indicator for you if you need to quickly grab a toy for on the go. Consider using picture labels and/or word labels in a large print to help your child’s learning.


Teach them how to clean

When your children know how to clean it can save you time and hassle. Teaching them sooner rather than later will instil good habits that can then be continued as they get older. When playtime is over asking your children to clean up their own toys will help them to learn respect and responsibility for their belongings. Things will get messy again of course but the children can be the ones to clean up.


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