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Part of the fun of Christmas is dressing the home with decorations but before you drape tinsel on your tree spend some time sprucing up the house. Follow our festive guide to cleaning the house and get ready to have a very happy Christmas this year.

Clean your carpets

It’s nice to have clean carpets at Christmas, your home will receive plenty of visitors over the festive period so clean flooring is a must. Plus your tree will look gorgeous placed on top of a clean carpet so why not hire a carpet cleaner or better still, get SCS to clean your carpets, we’ll soon have them restored to pristine condition.

Clean the fridge

Once you have done your Christmas food shop the fridge will be bulging at the seams with goodies so it’s a good time to clean the refrigerator a week or so before the big day. Take out the interior shelves, wash them in soapy water and give the interior of the fridge a good going over with soapy water too. Wash off any excess soap with clean water and spray the inside with an anti-bacterial cleaner to keep bugs at bay.

Clean the oven

Blitz the inside of the oven before you squeeze a turkey inside, get the cooker spotless before you roast the bird for hours. Baking soda and water is a good mix for cleaning ovens or you could buy a branded oven cleaner if you prefer. Go over the hob at the same time and get your cooker ready for all those festive recipes.

Clean glasses

Christmas is a time to eat, drink and be merry and you can bet there’ll be plenty of fizz drunk over the festive period. Take your glasses out of their storage place and give them a good wash, pop day-to-day glasses in the dishwasher and hand wash anything made from crystal.

Clean crockery and cutlery

Finally, dig out your best dinner service and silver cutlery too. Give them a good clean and they’ll be gleaming when you lay the table on Christmas Day.