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Germs are rife in domestic and commercial settings, without even knowing it, your home or your office could be a breeding ground for dirt and bacteria. The only way to keep abreast of this is to clean these areas as comprehensively as you can, as often as possible.

Don’t think you can turn a blind eye to this problem and ignore cleaning and hygiene, germs won’t let you off that easily. To spur you into action, we want to highlight a few gross-out reasons why you really need to get cleaning right now, or book somebody to do this for you.

Nearly 70% of dust particles are made up of dead skin flakes

Yuk! Now there’s a thought you don’t really want to dwell over.  Wipe your finger across a dusty surface and most of those particles are actually dead human skin cells. The mere thought of that makes you shudder. Unless you want to live or work in areas covered in suspect skin, dust and vacuum as often as you can.

Kitchen Sinks Harbour More Germs Than Household Toilets

This is hard to believe but it’s most definitely true. Whilst the WC in the household harbours a large amount of bacteria, it’s actually the sink in the kitchen that’s a breeding ground for bugs and germs. Special attention should be given to this area when you clean the kitchen, wash and disinfect the sink on a regular basis, to keep bugs away from your home.

Bugs live in Carpets and Wooden Flooring

Bed bugs don’t just confine their activity to the bedroom.  They love to live in carpets and wooden flooring too. Here they scamper around and hide away until they want a feast, which usually involves human contact. Therefore, keep flooring as clean as possible and vacuum carpets on a regular basis to prevent the build up of bugs.

These simple pointers should gross you out enough to want to conduct thorough cleaning at home or within a commercial working environment. Should you require assistance with this, call us at SCS, we’re the cleaning experts.