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Take care with your carpet and there’s no reason why it shouldn’t provide you with many years of pleasure. With simple care your carpet will look gorgeous at all times, here’s a few ideas you might want to try.

  • Vacuuming: Trickle the Hoover over your carpet at least once a week to keep the fibres plush and free from dirt. Go up and down and carpet in a systematic fashion and cover every square inch of the flooring. Regular vacuuming picks up hair, dirt and debris that could be trodden deep into the pile. If you find you are struggling in hard-to-reach areas, use the wand with a brush attachment, it’s a good way to pick up dirt along the edges of skirting boards.
  • Shampooing: Keep your carpet clean and healthy by having it shampooed a minimum of once a year. Shampoo removes dirt and bacteria that is embedded in the carpet and it leaves the fibres fresh and clean afterwards. Evidence shows that regular shampooing once or twice a year can prolong the life of a carpet and it gives your home a fresher feeling too, so ask us for a quote at SCS.
  • Protect your carpet: Fit coasters under the feet of heavy furniture to prevent large indentations from spoiling the look of the carpet. Coasters help to spread the weight of furniture and prevent feet from wrecking the pile. Try to move heavy furniture to a slightly different position from time to time to prevent this problem and make sure you lift it to prevent feet from dragging on the fibres.
  • Fit quality underlay: Premium grade underlay improves the ‘springiness’ of carpet and it also helps to preserve the life of the flooring too. Better underlay enhances the robustness of the carpet, especially in high foot traffic areas like stairways. Pack the underneath of the carpet with a thicker type of underlay and it should serve you proudly for many years.