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Where do you think bugs like to hang out in your home?  The toilet’s a pretty safe bet, but what are the other hotspots for germs around your house, where is it that bugs and bacteria like to breed best?

As cleaning experts we’re pretty experienced in this field. We take a through approach to every single cleaning task we tackle and know the areas around your home that require an extra level of attention. To put you in the picture we thought we’d share our grubby little secrets with you.



Check out these top spots for dirt around your home: 

The Kitchen

This is hardly a surprise. You cook and prepare food in the kitchen, it’s the place you generate waste, and it’s the stomping ground for countless different bugs and bacteria, lurking unseen just waiting to make you sick.

Common places to find bugs in the kitchen include –

  • Dishcloths
  • Tea towels
  • Counter tops
  • Sinks
  • Cabinet handles
  • Refrigerator and freezer doors

The Bathroom

Numerous areas in the bathroom are good places for bugs to hang out. Toilets, sink and bath plugholes, shower cubicles and toothbrush cups are prime candidates for bug central.  Shower curtains harbour mould and mildew, taps and toilet flushes create a safe place for bacteria, pay special attention when you are cleaning these areas.

To recap, these are the dirtiest areas in the bathroom –

  • Toilet bowls, handles and floor around the base
  • Sinks, especially the plug hole
  • Bath tubs, clean around the plug hole here too
  • Shower cubicle and curtains
  • Taps

Laundry Room

Various bugs are to be found in the laundry too, and not just in the dirty clothing pile. Leave wet washing for too long in the machine after the cycle has finished and bugs will start breeding after a while.

To minimise the risk of bacteria breeding do this –

  • Remove wet clothing from the machine once they are clean
  • Hang outside or tumble dry if possible
  • Clean the inside of the machine once a week with a sterilised cloth
  • Get rid of scum from the soap drawer and clean dirt from around the door seal

These are just some of the breeding areas for bacteria.

Other common places for bugs to chill are:

  • Audio/Visual remotes
  • Telephone handsets
  • Light switches
  • Door Handles
  • Computer keyboards

Effective cleaning will help you to stay on top of hygiene around the home, should you require assistance in this area we can help at SCS Cleaning Services Ltd, just contact us for a quote.