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The sun is shining, the birds are tweeting and you are full of the joys of the spring, so why not power wash your garden whilst you’re in such a great mood?  Power washing is a brilliant method for getting rid of dirt, grime or graffiti, it really is the business for dealing with stubborn stains and makes short work of loose paint also.

We suggest power washing the following areas for a clean and tidy home, or give us a call and we’d be happy to do all the jet washing for you at SCS.  

  1. Wheelie bins: How many bins do you currently own? With the emphasis on recycling you probably have a rainbow of different coloured bins sitting idle outside of your house as we speak. The general waste bin is the biggest problem, it becomes smelly, dirty and grimy after a while and the best way to clean it is with a power wash. Blitz the inside of the bin and get rid of grime, use a little disinfectant afterwards and your waste container will look better and smell better too.
  2. Driveway: Get rid of moss, oil stains and bird droppings in one foul swoop by power washing your drive. Create a warm welcome instead of an eyesore, give your drive bags of kerb appeal.
  3. Outside paths: Go around the outside paths of your property with a power washer, remove algae, moss and stubborn stains that look unsightly and are slippery underfoot.
  4. Decking and patio: Prep decking for the summer and give your patio a makeover, a quick blast with a pressure washer will have them looking like new.
  5. Outside Furniture: Left furniture outside over the winter without a cover? Don’t worry, a quick blitz with a power washer will soon have them restored to their former glory.
  6. Planters: Transform planters by removing the grime that accumulates over the winter, clean them off, fill them with plants and your garden will look blooming marvellous over the summer.

To save time, use our power washing services at SCS, we always leave spotless results!