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One of the safest ways to power wash outside your property is to call the team at SCS and let us do all the hard work. We’re highly experienced at power washing a variety of surfaces, if you want to say goodbye to mud, moss, stains or graffiti you can rely on our honest and dependable service.

We won’t take it personally if you decide to power wash you own property though, take care and use this safety advice with our blessing.

  1. Read the instruction manual: This is the best advice to give anyone that is pressure washing for the first time, your swanky new washer will be packaged with an owner’s manual so read it cover to cover and familiarise yourself with the equipment. Yes it’s tempting to jump straight in with little or no experience but spare a few moments before you begin washing and it could prevent accidents or injuries.
  2. Take care with connections: Attach the lance to the washer and make sure it’s secure, don’t over-tighten, just turn the attachment until you know it’s not going to work its way loose. Connect the hose to the washer and check it’s locked into place before you turn the tap on. Use a protected outdoor socket if you are using an electric washer or an approved RCD and never touch the plug with wet hands.
  3. Dress appropriately: Cover your feet when you are using a power washer, sandals, flip flops or the barefooted approach should be avoided at all costs. Safety goggles and ear defenders are advisable too, for added protection.
  4. Hold the wand firmly: Take a firm stance when you are using the power washer, work in small areas and never place your hand in front of the high pressure jet when the washer is being used.
  5. Use sensibly: Never directly point the wand of the washer at somebody when in use, this is a powerful jet and it’s capable of causing serious injury.
  6. Keep small children and animals out of the way: Keep pets indoors when you are using a jet washer and never leave small children alone with the washer when it’s plugged in, it’s an accident waiting to happen!

Take care when you are using a pressure washer and the outside of your home will be gleaming in hardly any time and you’ll be delighted with the results.