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It’s hard to know where to begin in the garden after months of dark nights, sleet, snow and wet weather. A garden takes the brunt of the bad weather over winter, come spring and it’s time to give it a little tlc to restore some of its dignity.

One way to keep gardens in fine fettle over the winter is to employ SCS and let us perform a few maintenance tasks.  

However, if you missed this trick and are toying with ideas and wondering what to do in the garden at the moment we suggest tackling these jobs first.

Repair fences

Take a tour of your perimeter and check on the condition of your fence panels. Winds and driving rain wreak havoc with fence panels, did your fences survive the winter okay? Patch them up if not, replace worn panels and give them a fresh coat of paint, it’s a good start and you might want to check garden gates as well, do they require any special attention?

Trim back bushes

Get the first trim of the summer out of the way, tackle privets or shrubs that have started to show signs of growth. Keep on top of the trimming over the summer, cut back on a regular basis, don’t let your shrubs, privets and bushes become too bushy, it makes it harder to cut them and clear waste up.

Power wash exterior areas

We covered the subject of power washing in one of our earlier blogs but we wanted to emphasise this process once more because it makes the world of difference to your garden. Clean decking, patios and driveways or better still, contact SCS and we’ll do all the hard work for you.

Clear borders

Okay this is one of those really boring jobs but it’s necessary if you want to get rid of unwanted weeds and general garden debris. Slip on a pair of gardening gloves and sift through the borders, remove anything that shouldn’t be there and toss the weeds onto your compost heap.   

That’s not a bad start in the garden, there’s still plenty to do but at least you’ll have the basics covered.

Good luck!