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Keeping on top of your cleaning can be tricky as it is. There are a few places that most people forget to clean in the home or office though. At SCS Cleaning Services we understand the importance of cleanliness on your health. Protect you and your family this winter by adding these to your schedule.




Vacuum cleaner

Using a dirty of blocked vacuum will be counterproductive during your cleaning routine. Make time to empty the contents into a bag. You’ll have a cleaner home in no time and it should make your vacuum cleaner last much longer too.


Dish washer

Clean and sparkling dishes are only as good as the thing that washes them. A paper rag or towel can be used to remove debris. A cup of white vinegar placed on the top rack set at a full hot water cycle should do a good job of cleaning, and make it easier to wipe excess gunk away afterwards.


Washing machine

It may seem like a bit of a contradiction but cleaning products need cleaning too! In order for your washing machine to properly clean your clothes it needs to be clean to begin with. Every time you use your washing machine, a quick wipe down of the sides and rubber will get rid of any stray dust or fluff. White vinegar can be added to a warm cycle to neutralise lingering odours too.





Cleaning the oven seems common sense because you cook in or on it every day but it can be one of the toughest cleaning jobs if you let grime stick. A heavy duty oven cleaner will make it possible to thoroughly scour the hob and oven screen, shelves, trays, and sides. Make sure your food doesn’t come out with last week’s spilled lasagne on it!



As well as regularly wiping down the shelves, take time to remove the shelving and bins to give them a good clean in warm, soapy water. Food bacteria and spillages are common in and around your fridge but cleaning up as you go along will save time. Don’t forget to sweep up the crumbs on the floor or underneath your fridge too, and dust on the top.


Lampshades and ceilings

You might be surprised how much dust gathers in lampshades and on the ceiling. If your lamps are looking a bit faded or worn they may just be dusty! Depending on the material, a wet cloth or light dusting cloth will keep them clean. Watch out for cobwebs on the ceiling – don’t encourage the spiders!




Curtains and rail

Another haven for dust, your curtain rail and curtains can lose their quality just like your bed and bedding. Stick the curtains in the washing machine every few months and give the rail a quick brush with a dusting cloth or stick on a more regular basis. On the subject of curtains – when was the last time you cleaned the inside of your windows?


So you may have cleaned all of these places now but we bet you’ve forgotten seven other things that need cleaning. Check out our previous blog post for more details. At SCS Cleaning Services we offer a variety of high-quality cleaning services in the Edinburgh area. Get in touch with us to find out how we can help.