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Keeping on top of your cleaning can be tricky as it is. There are a few things that most people forget to clean in the home or office though. At SCS Cleaning Services we understand the importance of cleanliness on your health. Protect you and your family this winter by adding these to your schedule.




You wouldn’t leave the same pillowcase on forever or sleep with the same sheets…Cleaning pillows can be done by hand or by popping them in the washing machine. Just be careful of the temperature or speed of the wash so that feathers don’t go everywhere or the pillows don’t tear.


Grocery bags

If you carry your shopping in the same fabric bag every time you go to the supermarket you could be unnecessarily contaminating your food. Simply wash your bags weekly or monthly where required so that your food shopping always comes home fresh.


Bathroom mats

Everyone knows that the bathroom is one of the biggest places where germs accumulate. Regularly cleaning the toilet, sink, shower, and surfaces is essential, but this is the same for your bathroom mats. When you step out of the shower bacteria can spread again from an unwashed mat, and splashes from the sink or toilet flush on a toilet mat cause a build up of germs. Wash them at a high temperature.




Particularly now that the weather is changing and colds or flu are more common, a quick clean of doorknobs and handles with a disinfectant wipe is effective. Avoid the transmission of germs from coughs and sneezes by keeping a pack of wipes to hand.


Makeup Brushes

Many articles have been posted recently about the importance of cleaning your makeup brushes. As most women leave them to sit at the bottom of a makeup bag, residue builds up in the bag making the brushes dirty. All of this oil, dirt and bacteria is then transferred back onto your skin causing breakouts. Gently wash brushes with warm water and rinse with baby shampoo. It’s cheaper than buying new ones!


Purse or Wallet

It is surprising how much dust and crumbs can gather in a purse or wallet. Regularly empty yours and get rid of any unnecessary receipts or coins. A lint roller can be used to gather dirt from the interior fabric and wipes can be used to clean leather. Your wallet will look new and be a lot lighter in your pocket!



Teapot and mugs

Since they are used daily it is no surprise that dust and grime build up in your teapot and mugs. If they are always sat on the kitchen surface, grease and germs from cooking can also stick to the china. A little bit of vinegar and water will restore the shine, or try soaking them with cold water and a baby tablet. Both methods remove stains and germs.


So you may have cleaned all of these things now but we bet you’ve forgotten seven other places that need cleaning. Check out our next blog post for more details. At SCS Cleaning Services we offer a variety of high-quality cleaning services in the Edinburgh area. Get in touch with us to find out how we can help.