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Spring cleaning is a good way to banish the winter blues and this blog looks at ways you can clean your house as soon as you spot daffodils growing outside.


Wash and wipe down work surfaces, empty cupboards and give them a wipe out with an anti-bacterial cloth as well. Give the oven a clean, defrost the freezer and wash the inside and the outside of the fridge. Run a mop over the floor, wash the windows inside and out, remove dirt and grime from the bin at the same time. Place fresh flowers in a vase by the window and you know spring has finally arrived.

Living room

Vacuum the carpet and have it professionally cleaned. The winter months are cruel to carpets, people spend more time in their homes throughout the darker nights so flooring takes a hammering a result. Get SCS to clean your carpet and we’ll leave it looking spotless, you might want to clean your sofa at the same time. Wash down windows, clean the hearth on the fireplace, dust all areas and polish mirrors as well.


Buy a decent multi-purpose cleaner and give the bath, basin and toilet a thorough clean. Use a grout cleaner to freshen up tiles, add new sealant around the bath if needs be and replace your old shower curtain. Use an approved glass cleaner on mirrors and any shiny surfaces, it’s a good time to buy new bathroom accessories if you want to give the room a funky new look at the start of spring. Finally, mop the floor making sure you get right into the corners to remove all that hard-to-reach dirt.


Vacuum the carpet and get it shampooed at the same time as your living room carpet. Take down curtains, have them cleaned professionally or treat yourself to a new set instead. Clear out clutter from your wardrobe, put away the winter woollies and bring out your spring/summer wardrobe instead. Dust all surface areas, clean your dressing table mirror, wash the interior of the windows and wipe down the window ledge