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We spend more time in our offices and at our desks than anywhere else. That means that you’re exposing yourself to a whole host of germs day in, day out. But worrying about them isn’t going to help you stay healthy, is it?

Well no, but it doesn’t harm to know where the most germs congregate in and around the office, so that you can make sure your hands are washed afterwards.

Your mouse and keyboard

There are no prizes for guessing that we’d mention this little germ safe-haven first. You probably have your hands on your keyboard and mouse all day long, so it can get pretty dirty.

“But I’m the only one that uses them!”

That doesn’t matter. People very rarely clean their keyboard and mouse, and some cleaning companies don’t get that detailed in their cleans. To avoid getting sick, give the mouse and keyboard a weekly wipe down with disinfectants.

Your phone

Do you spend a lot of the day on the phone? Can’t remember the last time it was cleaned? Then it’s probably time you did that. One study found that there are about 26,000 germs per square inch on the average office phone receiver. Think about it – if you hold a phone to your ear for a prolonged period of time, your ear will get hot, and you’ll start to sweat.

Invest in a headset, and make sure that the phone is wiped down regularly.

The conference room table

Think about how many hands are placed on that table from 9am onwards. Most office conference rooms are used all day every day. Even lunch meetings take place in there. But does that table get wiped down between each session? Probably not.

Introduce an office policy that states the table must be wiped down after every use. Especially before and after eating in there!

The printer

When you’re thinking of places in the office that could be full of germs, the printer is probably towards the bottom of your list. But thin k about it! It’s used all day by everyone in the office. One push of a button can leave behind thousands of germs. Wash your hands after using office objects like the printer to ensure that you aren’t going to get sick.

Keep hand sanitizer on your desk too!

If you’re worried that your office is full of germs and not getting a good enough regular clean, contact us. We have years’ of experience cleaning offices just like yours to the highest standards possible.