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If you can’t remember the last time you have your gutters cleaned your drainage system could be a ticking time bomb. Gutters should be cleared out on an annual basis, without a regular clean your home could experience any or all of these problems.

Water pouring over the edge of gutters

Blocked gutters become clogged and this means whenever there’s a downpour the water gushes over the top of the channels. Obviously, this isn’t great for anybody walking underneath the gutters and it could have a damaging impact on the area below if the problem isn’t dealt with swiftly.  

Water splashing or trickling down the side of the house

Blocked guttering systems cause waste water to trickle down the side of buildings too, it can splash back against the side of the house when it hits downpipes and this could lead to damp issues after a period of time. Clean gutters allow waste water to run away, it prevents water from getting inside your property, it just disappears down the drain!

Damage to guttering

Gutters filled with waste become heavy, they can sag, split or detach from soffits and let water into your home. Clear them out once a year and keep gutters in perfect working order, left to their own devices they quickly become clogged and this causes numerous problems which can be expensive to fix.   

Unsightly guttering

Blocked gutters look ugly as well. It’s easy to spot weeds and general debris protruding from gutters and this lowers the tone of the property. If you are trying to sell the house you should definitely get the gutters cleaned, potential buyers don’t want to see signs of neglect around the property.

All of the above problems can be fixed with a simple cleaning process. Book SCS and we’ll use or special gutter vac system for a state-of-the-art, highly effective and totally mess free solution!