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Health and safety within the office begins with a good standard of hygiene, if you value the importance of your company, routine cleaning should be without question. Neglect cleaning within the office environment and this can and will have a detrimental effect on the business, we’ve highlighted the positives of professional cleaning in this latest article.   

It sets good standards of hygiene – The bottom line is it’s healthier to work inside an office that is cleaned on a regular basis. Let dirt and grime accumulate and this breeds bacteria, there’s a genuine health risk to staff that work in dirty offices.

It looks better for your business – Clean offices promote your business in a positive light, when visitors step through the front door into your reception area they see a company that takes pride in its appearance. Let dust accumulate and what type of impression do you think that creates? People will be repulsed by your company’s lack of hygiene.

Your workers are happier – Staff feel safer working in clean offices, they know their workstations are free from bugs. Would you feel happy working in a dirty office? Most people wouldn’t, they’d be constantly worried and fearful of what they might catch.  

It’s convenient – After hours cleaning means your business can be cleansed overnight ready for action the next day. You won’t see cleaners coming in but you’ll notice their hard work in the morning, carpets will be vacuumed, desks will be dust-free and there’ll be a clean smell in the air.   

It’s safer – Prevent slips and trips with office cleaning too. Dirty floors are a danger, unclean washrooms are a hazard and staff can slip and slide on grime that hasn’t been cleaned recently. Prevent slip ups by cleaning your office, it looks better, smells better and it’s a darn sight safer, why not give us a call at SCS?