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At SCS Cleaning Services Ltd, we love to see properties and gardens looking their best, but quite often, the outside of houses get paid less attention. Stop neglecting them! Here are the reasons why you should look after your garden… all year round!

First impressions

The first thing you see when you look at a house is the front garden, and what better impression than a well-maintained, beautiful-looking garden? It’s a wonderful welcome for guests, and you can really play around with it to make it your own. An overgrown garden filled with weeds, dried up leaves and rubbish has much less of a ‘WOW’ factor, and doesn’t have any personality to it at all. Make the most of the spaces you’ve got with your house – don’t just stick to the interiors, have a real think about what’s going on outside your house, too.

Selling purposes

Taking care of your garden will not only impress visitors and passers-by, it will also increase kerb appeal and value. Even if selling your home isn’t a plan yet, looking after your house and garden will make it a lot easier for you when it comes to it. Five years in a house with no work done in the garden whatsoever would be a BIG job for just you, but if it did come to that, we’re just the guys to help; no job is too big or too small!

Inject some colour into your home

Planting flowers and greenery in your front and back gardens is a fab idea for any home. By simply adding a bit of colour, a house can be totally transformed. As the seasons come round, you can play with the colours and types of plants that you use – you’ll learn so much, too!

Lift your mood

The combination of a smart-looking front and back garden with the happy effect of colours and flowers will most definitely lift your mood. Every time you walk through it, you’ll be proud to be the owner of the property, rather than hanging your head in shame with the amount of weeds coming out of your patio.

Something to do

Taking up gardening or going out of your way to maintain the look of your garden is a great hobby. It’s healthy and it’s much better than spending your evenings outside or planning things for your garden after work sat in front of the telly. You’ll find it so much more rewarding and satisfying.

Somewhere to play

Especially if you have kids or pets, having a well-maintained garden is important. You want them to be able to play out there freely, and be in a place where they want to be playing. Whilst they may not appreciate the brand new gerberas you’ve planted, they will appreciate the mowed lawn and the pleasant surroundings. Just wait!

Great for summer

Whilst it’s important for your garden to be looked after all year round, summer is when you can appreciate it most. It’s when you want to spend all of your spare time outside, it’s when the colourful flowers pop and the grass becomes greener, and it’s when all those outside parties come round! What better motivation to keep your garden in check?

If you need some help with getting your garden looking its best, don’t hesitate to get in touch with SCS Cleaning Services Ltd and we’ll be happy to get our garden experts on the case!